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12 Most Common Roofing Questions

There are many common questions when it comes to a new roof in Winnipeg, and these questions need to be answered so that property owners can maintain a solid roof that protects the interior of the building. If you have a leak or any other roof issue then it may be time to consider a new roof. Some of the most common questions that you may have include: Read more

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Ice Dams – Winnipeg Winters

Ice Dams: What are they? What Damage do they Cause? What is the Solution?

What are they?

If you aren’t familiar with ice dams, they are large chunks of ice that form around the edges of your roof. This can occur when there is significant cold and moisture during the winter months. Even if you have downspouts and gutters, it isn’t enough to prevent them from occurring. They are created when the area of your roof located above the attic gets warm. Read more

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6 Tips for Winterizing a Winnipeg Winter

snow on roofHomes can be damaged when they aren’t ready for the heavy snowfall that can happen just about any winter. This includes pipes that burst, roofs that leak, and even roofs that completely collapse into the home. It can be dangerous and cause injuries or death to those in the home. It can cost a great deal of money to pay for the repairs to be done. Items in your home that can’t be replaced may be ruined. Read more