New Construction and New Home Builds

XCalibur Group is taking the custom home building experience to the next level with our hands on approach and full customization detail.  Present us your vision and we will custom tailor your drawings, design, layout and products to bring your dreams to life.  Our core company values are efficiency, transparency, financial accuracy, quality, and customer satisfaction.  XCalibur Group strives for excellence in all facets of the building process, from the first client contact through completion of final deficiencies.

Actively bidding on new multi-family tenders for 2016.

XCalibur Group works in the best interest of the client and communicates effectively with the architect providing practical/expert recommendations to reduce costs and improve the scope of work.

Project Management

At XCalibur Group, we foresee the entire scope of work as a finished project.

Our Project Managers take your “vision” and make it a reality through accurate estimating, precise planning and quality/timely execution to achieve the desired result.

Our employees/trades have earned the right to call themselves “craftsmen” because of their expert skill, quality of work, artistry in their finishing detail and the ability to take your vision and bring it to life.

We believe that “quality” in a service or product is not just what you put into it; it is ultimately what the client or customer gets out of it.

The best form of advertising for us is your personal or professional recommendation to your friends, family and professional contacts endorsing us for being a “quality” contractor.


XCalibur Group is fully trained, outfitted and certified for all three classifications of abatement work, from low, to intermediate, to maximum precautions for residential and semi-commercial buildings.

Common Type One projects deal with non-friable ASBESTOS, such as floor tiles and paneling. Type Two projects can involve the removal of ceiling tiles, vinyl sheet flooring and minor amounts of insulation. Type Three projects deal with friable asbestos such as mechanical insulation, fireproofing, and plaster walls and ceilings. We provide containment and decontamination facilities, as your project requires.

MOLD growth in an indoor environment is a common occurrence and requires immediate attention to avoid the potential health effects of exposure. Assessment, abatement, and remediation of mold in buildings is handled by XCalibur Group with strict guidelines and procedures. Even after all recovery efforts are performed, additional testing and surface sampling is required to ensure safety of the affected area.

Whether you require a low or high-risk removal, through every phase from removal and encapsulation, to cleanup and disposal, XCalibur Group complies with industry guidelines and government regulations. Our meticulous work helps you move on with a healthy space and a clear conscience.