Winnipeg Snow Removal

During the winter months, roofs usually taking a beating due to heavy snow loads. Unless the home owner regularly clears snow from the roof, the roof will show signs of wear sooner than its expected lifetime. Cracks may form and water may seep into the attic. You may also run the risk of mold developing where the moisture has collected. Snow drifts will then enter the home, and the resident will notice energy bills on the rise. Ice damming occurs when attics that aren’t ventilated or insulated properly. When warm air doesn’t get out it circulates, condensates and leaks.On top of leaks, the weight of the snow is simply not good for a roof, and after several years of Winnipeg’s harsh winters, the weight plays a toll on the structure.

Xcalibur Group can help prevent ice damming, as well as the unwanted weight from the snow load on your home or business. We are efficient, and can offer an affordable price for roofs of all sizes. Phone us today for a free estimate for your home or business.

“Xcalibur Group did an excellent job on my roof. They were there when I left for work in the morning, and were gone by the time I got home. The snow is completely gone. They finished in the quoted time, and I will definitely call them again.”